Carbon bicycle parts manufacture



Since 2009, Grand Vision Tech has been making high-quality bicycle frames for the cycling industry. From a humble foundation, we have grown our business by constantly evolving to advance our capability in product development and manufacturing.

We also encourage our engineering team to work directly with clients, thereby improving efficiency in product development, and fully realize client requirements. Most of all, our staff are passionate about cycling, and we aim to transfer this passion onto our work and our products.

Our core value: honesty, innovation, quality, talent, and solidarity

Our mission is clear, by making world class bicycle frames with good price, we intend to be a part of the driving force that promotes exercise and increase health awareness world wide, bringing hope and happiness to all. Join us!

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China mainland company: Shenzhen Huyi Technology Co., ltd

Hongkong company: Grand Vision Tech LIMITD



Add: 25 F, B Building, Fenglin International

Center, Jixiang Road, Longgang District,

Shenzhen, China

Carbon bicycle parts manufacture